-We believe in ridiculously good, fall off the bone BBQ.
-We believe in getting here early & staying out late.
-We believe anything less than 12 hours is a half day.
-We believe our next executive chef may be the kid washing dishes.
-We cook with salt & pepper, it’s not table décor.
-We brine, we marinade, we dry rub – we don’t garnish.
-We believe in pre-gaming at Stan’s, road trips to Fenway & tailgating in the cold.
-We believe in locally crafted hopped up IPA’s, but it’s cool with us you want a Bud Light.
-We believe bourbon comes from Kentucky, chili aint got no beans & Sal’s makes the best Sicilian pie.
-We DON’T know the calorie count of any of our dishes, but we DO know the first name of the guy makes our ice cream, and the baker who bakes our bread.
-We believe in hand cut fries, crispy bacon & runny eggs.
-We believe in cooking over wood, flat grilled burgers & steaks charred rare.
-We’ll spend 12 hours slow smoking a hog for you, we’ll learn your name & remember your birthday but we may forget to bring you a fork.
-We believe in Sundays at 1, little leagues, and we may be the last bartenders to believe in buy backs.
-We believe it’s totally normal to argue with a stranger over sports at the bar.
-We believe in game sound on for the Rangers, (even if you don’t like hockey) and “Potvin sucks”
-We believe in ringing the bell, spinning the wheel & nicknaming the rooks.
-We believe in sticky fingers, wet naps, and Justin’s mom’s cookies.
-We believe in spending more time on our brisket, than we do on our brand.
-We believe in the “SmokeHouse Cutlet”, and we believe in our squad.

Smokehouse Tailgate Grill


New Rochelle: 914.813.8686 | Mamaroneck: 914.341.1655